The GlobTemperature project under the Data User Element of ESA's 4th Earth Observation Envelope Programme aimed to promote the wider uptake of global-scale satellite land surface temperature (LST) by the research and operational user communities. It started in 2013 and ended in 2017.

The programme of work was focussed on achieving some innovative milestones for LST data which include: detailed global merged geostationary (GEO) and low earth orbit (LEO) data sets with estimates of both clear-sky and under-cloud LST; a first Climate Data Record for LST for the ATSR series of instruments; and the provision of a globally representative and consistent in-situ validation and intercomparison matchup database.

Furthermore, the strength of this project was the consistency and openness of the interactions with the LST and user communities. For instance: detailed user input into the specifications and subsequent testing of the LST data sets; sustained access to data in a user-friendly manner through common data formats; and the establishment of an LST working group (LST-WG) involving strong guidance of key international experts.

The project therefore enhanced the portfolio of LST products from Earth Observation, while concurrently breaking down the barriers to successful application of such data through a programme of dialogue between the data providers and data users.

Although the Globtemperature project has been completed, activity around LST continues via the LST_cci project, information on which can be found on the website:

The access to all products generated during Globtemperature remains possible at

The Product User Guide (PUG) can be downloaded here ).