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International LST and Emissivity Group

The International Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG) aims to provide advice and recommendations to the wider scientific and user communities on the best practices for retrieval, validation and exploitation of Land Surface Temperature (LST), Ice Surface Temperature (IST), Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT), and Land Surface Emissivity (LSE).

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Period of Report: October 2014

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • The first 2 datasets (AATSR L2 and LST SEVIRI L2) in the harmonized format are available in the dataportal, which is being tested by the consortium members before opening
  • Work in progress to prepare all deliverables that are due before the end of phase 1

Period of Report: September 2014

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • IPM2 held on the 26-Sep-2014
  • Version 1.0 of the Requirements Baseline Document is ready for review
  • Second ILSTE-WG Steering Committee telecon held on 15-Sep-2014
  • Delivery of level 2 LST SEVIRI-based product (generated by the LSA SAF) for 2007 and 2008 in the Harmonised Format
  • AATSR Level-2 full mission data in harmonised format ready including IST over sea-ice – delivery underway
  • ATSR-2 Level-2 and ATSR-2/AATSR Level-3 development well advanced
  • First match-ups between satellite LST from AATSR and in-situ LST in harmonised format for validation purposes

Period of Report: July-August 2014

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • DEL-08 (LST CDR Algorithm Trade-off Analysis) delivered and accepted
  • Final version of harmonised format circulated amongst partners
  • Development of AATSR and ATSR-2 products in harmonised format. This includes a new land-sea mask (including lakes) consistent with the new Sentinel-3 land-sea mask, and new IST over sea-ice. This is in final development ready for release in the next reporting period
  • Synopsis of the 2 nd User Consultation Meeting (UCM#2) along with all meeting presentations and posters are now published on the GlobTemperature Website
  • Start of Use Case Studies activities

Meeting Synopsis:
The aim of the 2nd consultation meeting, organised by John Remedios and Darren Ghent, was to provide a forum for the satellite Land, Ice and Lake Surface Temperature (LST / IST / LSWT) communities to share experiences and review developments in satellite retrievals and data sets; with participants delivering high quality oral / poster presentations on the development, validation, and exploitation of surface temperature and surface emissivity products. The meeting helped users to identify requirements for new data sets, to develop collaborations with the data providers and to identify the key uses of satellite surface temperature data.

The meeting successfully helped to foster the international development of strategies to support the satellite land surface temperature data providers and user communities for the long term. This included the consolidation of current User Requirements, the exploration of validation approaches, and the communication of the broadening range of land surface temperature applications. It concluded with the first full open meeting of the International LST and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG).

The meeting followed the 3rd EarthTemp Network Workshop on Delivering And Exploiting Surface Temperature Observations For Africa at the same location. Information on the EarthTemp Network Workshop can be found at

All slides are available here.

Period of Report: June 2014

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • DEL-06 Technical Specification delivered and accepted
  • Harmonised format detailed following review by members of the core team and User Case Study partners
  • Successful 2 nd User Consultation Meeting (UCM#2) at KIT, Karlsruhe (63 participants)
  • 1 st Full Meeting of the International LST & Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG)
  • A first version of software to generate in-situ LST from SURFRAD measurements in the harmonised GlobTemperature format
  • GlobTemperature Benchmark Database (GT_BDB) constructed at ULeic to analyse the retrieval algorithms