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International LST and Emissivity Group

The International Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG) aims to provide advice and recommendations to the wider scientific and user communities on the best practices for retrieval, validation and exploitation of Land Surface Temperature (LST), Ice Surface Temperature (IST), Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT), and Land Surface Emissivity (LSE).

Period of report: June 2017

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • Joint UCM with the H2020 EUSTACE Project in November 2017 at Lisbon:
    • Second announcement circulated to user community
    • Registration site now open
  • Validation of datasets
    • Further analysis of the in situ validation results over the SURFRAD and KIT stations
    • Starting to produce extractions for Phase-3 datasets at all Validation Stations
    • Starting to produce satellite vs. satellite matchups for Phase-3 datasets
  • Cloud Clearing Round Robin
    • Report completed and undergoing internal review
    • Work begun on material for the paper associated with CCRR data
  • Tests done prior to the Merged Product NRT demonstration