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International LST and Emissivity Group

The International Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG) aims to provide advice and recommendations to the wider scientific and user communities on the best practices for retrieval, validation and exploitation of Land Surface Temperature (LST), Ice Surface Temperature (IST), Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT), and Land Surface Emissivity (LSE).

Period of report: January 2016

The main activities in this reporting period can be summarised as follows:

  • Deliverables all in progress, in review or awaiting approval
  • ILSTE-WG Steering Committee Telecon to discuss the Requirements of LST for Climate ready for the next GCOS Implementation Plan held on 3rd February 2016
  • Obtained 6 months (Jul-Dec 2010) of Lake Tahoe in-situ data for JPL's four buoys (Bulk Temperature & Radiative Skin Temperature)
  • Production of 3 years of merged GEO LST with updated variables (primary files), all GEOs bias-corrected to SEVIRI;
  • Improvement to CDR product include:
    • Development of an aerosol mask
    • Consistent approach (3-component model) to uncertainty estimation with SST and IST and other single-sensor LST datasets being integrated into CDR
    • Assessment of the uncertainty in the temporal correction between ATSR sensors using SEVIRI data