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Access to LST Products

LST products are available in the GlobTemperature Data Portal.

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International LST and Emissivity Group

The International Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG) aims to provide advice and recommendations to the wider scientific and user communities on the best practices for retrieval, validation and exploitation of Land Surface Temperature (LST), Ice Surface Temperature (IST), Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT), and Land Surface Emissivity (LSE).

The aim of ESA's GlobTemperature project is to overcome the barriers preventing wider uptake of global-scale satellite LST by the broad research and operational user communities

The GlobTemperature project will:

  • Develop a merged LST data set from thermal infrared (geostationary & polar orbiter) and passive microwave satellite data to provide best possible coverage, including information on the diurnal cycle and clear-sky bias
  • Develop a prototype LST climate data record from (A)ATSR
  • Perform an open intercomparison of methods to confront the user demand for better cloud clearing over land
  • Demonstrate the benefits of satellite LST through user case studies
  • Provide users with a single point of access to multi-mission satellite land, lake and ice surface temperature data sets in a harmonised format, including consistently generated uncertainty budgets, documentation, and quality information obtained through intensive intercomparison and validation
  • Engage with the user community, respond to feedback, and bring the user and developer communities together
  • Challenge the next generation of satellite LST products to better meet the requirements of the users.

The DUE GlobTemperature Project is a three-year project – with strong commitment to continue supporting all aspects of the Website, the Data Portal and User Needs beyond this – which developed following the successful first GlobTemperature User Consultation Meeting (UCM) in Edinburgh (27-28 June 2012), the second UCM in Karlsruhe on 25-26 June 2014, the third UCM in Reading, UK, on 11-12 June 2015 and the last one in Lisbonne, Portugal on 7-8 June 2016.